Are you in need of a new Marketing Rep and not sure if he or she is the right match for you?

Avoid the hassle of the unknown and have "The Hurricane" and our team interview your candidates for you!

Hiring the RIGHT Marketing Rep can lead to:

  • Business growth
  • Increase Referrals
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Gaining that Competitive Edge

While Hiring the WRONG Marketing Rep can:

  • Hinder a Company’s reputation
  • No Referrals
  • Potential Bankruptcy


We will provide you with Marketing Rep Job Descriptions to help you get the word out to the public. Our team will work beside you to review the resumes you receive and help you narrow down the list of candidates.


As the business owner, you will conduct an interview with each candidate and select 3 who you feel fit your criteria.


Finally, send us their resumes and contact information. We will interview each candidate and work closely with you to discuss the best candidate for this position.

Let HME set you up for SUCCESS!

One of our coaches will work close with you to help you find your best match.