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How To Support Your Marketing Reps: Part 1 – Mindset

Are you supporting your marketing rep properly? On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve discusses part 1 of How To Support Your Marketing Representative. For today’s episode with A Drink With “The Hurricane”, I’m talking about supporting your marketing representatives. This is going to be the first of a three-part series on…

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Not Getting Referrals

Not getting the referrals you were hoping for? In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Jen Gasper talks about 10 Things To Ask Yourself When You Are Not Getting Referrals. My name is Jen Gasper, and I’m a coach with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. Today on Coaches Corner, I’m gonna be talking about a question that I get…

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Keys To Success: Master Your Home Care Business Part 2

In this Facebook LIVE recording, Steve shares some powerful true stories from when he owned his own agency. He also discusses more of his key secrets to success. Missed Part 1? Watch It Here For more information about Hurricane University or our other services call 848-444-9865 or click here to book a call To sign…

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How To Improve Caregiver Retention

On today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” Steve talks about the number one complaint from caregivers and the changes you can make in your business to improve retention. Real quick.   I wanted to let you know that we partnered up with The Institute for Dignity and Grace and there is the first…

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Why You Should Offer Live-In Care

On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve talks about why you should be offering live-in care.   I was skimming through the Home Care Pulse Report that came out earlier this year in May and I was looking at the revenue section. In this graph, they talk about businesses that are offering live-in…

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5 Reasons To Visit A Referral Source

A common mistake we see is that owners and marketers show up to referral sources to just say hi or drop off brochures, but you do want to do that every time. In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Meghan Smith discusses 5 Reasons To Visit a Referral Source.     Hey, everybody, I’m Meghan Smith…

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How To Use Weird Holidays To Stand Out In Your Referral Sources

On today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Jen Gasper, shares some of her favorite marketing strategies that can be fun and help you to stand out in your referral sources. Hey everybody! It’s Jen Gasper, one of the business coaches with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, and today on Coaches Corner I wanted to share with you some…

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