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How To Start A Case (Care Coordination)

The first part of the care coordination role is to start up a new case. Check out this “game-changing” clip from the last Hurricane Boot Camp!     So the first part of the care coordination role is to start up a new case. This right here is probably the biggest game-changer, for most people.…

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What Is The Multiplier Effect?

For this week, we thought we would show you a clip from the last boot camp in Black Hawk, Colorado. In this video, Steve discusses “The Multiplier Effect,” why it works, and how it is so effective when leveraged with your Power Partners.     This is my favorite part. This is the subconscious, I…

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Finish 2019 STRONG – Public Webinar

In this FREE training, Steve “The Hurricane” shares 5 things necessary to ensure you have a strong finish to 2019. Includes guest presenter, Cheryl Hammond of Veterans Care Coordination, who shares insider tips on maximizing benefits for veterans! – Enjoy!   To learn more about The Hurricane Boot Camp – CLICK HERE To learn more…

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The Biggest Challenge Of A Home Care Business: Part 1

Many owners believe that the caregiver crisis is the biggest challenge for home care businesses. On today’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane”, Steve shares stats from our clients that reveal the actual biggest challenge and how to overcome it.     So, some of you remember back to, I wanna say it was either…

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How To Support Your Marketing Rep: Part 3

Even if you do not have a marketing representative, you should still listen to this lesson. On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve discusses Part 3 of How To Support Your Marketing Rep.   In the first two parts, I talked about mindset and having the right mindset of the owner, one…

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Helping Your Caregiver Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to provide your caregivers with the tools to help address compassion fatigue? Compassion fatigue, also known as the “cost of caring for others”, has reached epidemic levels. Chronic physical and emotional exhaustion, reduced feelings of empathy, insomnia, feelings of anxiety and irritability, poor work-life balance and…

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