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Ideas for Sponsored Activities Part 1

– Hi, I’m Jen Gasper, and I’m a coach with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, and today on this episode of Coaches Corner, I’m gonna talk to you about ideas for sponsored activities. Have you ever been thinking about the sponsored activities that you could potentially do for residents in communities and have a really hard time…

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Part 2: How To Overcome Objections Over The Phone

I’m Jen Gasper one of the coaches for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises and this is part two in the two-part series of how to handle objections that you get during an inquiry. How many of you have been taking an inquiry call or answer the phone? This is Hurricane home care? How can I help you?…

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How To Handle Objections Over The Phone

Hi everybody, I’m Jen Gasper, one of the coaches with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, and today on Coaches Corner, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about ideas for overcoming objections when you’re on an inquiry call. How many of you have gotten done doing an amazing inquiry call only to find out the…

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It is safe to safe the first-ever Hurricane Virtual Boot Camp was a huge success. We promise that after watching this presentation you will be fired up to get through this crisis and start taking action to BLOW AWAY THE COMPETITION! We have a special promotion going on right now! To learn more about watching…

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Star Of The Month

Each month, we recognize one of our clients for amazing results. This month’s winner is the business owner AND is the one doing the marketing, which we always love to see. Congratulations to The Star Of The Month!

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Hospital Marketing: Assembling a Team

Hospitals are by far the most difficult referral source to get into and begin generating referrals. In order to successfully develop these accounts, you need to assemble a team. In this clip from The Black Hawk Boot Camp, Steve “The Hurricane” shows you how…     Now that we’ve done all of the reconnaissance. Now…

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How To Generate Professional Referrals

How many of you are not getting professional referrals right now? At The San Antonio Boot Camp – 40% of the room raised their hands. In this clip, Steve talks about key reasons why you are not and some tips that will help you start…   Here’s your first goal here when it comes to…

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Scale Your Business To $3 Million and BEYOND!

  Using the latest data collected from recent industry surveys and analytics, Steve “The Hurricane” shows you what it takes to have a $3 Million business and BEYOND!!! Regardless of your current circumstances, with the right tools, techniques, and work ethic…you can learn to work smarter instead of harder, and get the growth you desire!…

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How To SUCCESSFULLY Develop A Referral Source

Are you going to the right places? Who are you speaking with? In this clip, from The San Antonio Boot Camp, Steve discusses how to SUCCESSFULLY develop a referral source. I love Home Care Pulse. Home Care Pulse, I think, is the best thing for our industry. It’s been great for me, because it gives…

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What Does It Take To Be Successful?

For all the entrepreneurs out there! In this clip from The Hurricane Boot Camp in San Antonio, Steve discusses what it takes to be successful in this business.   You gotta understand that it’s not easy. You gotta understand that this is gonna take a lot of work. I forget who I was talking to…

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