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5 Reasons To Visit A Referral Source

A common mistake we see is that owners and marketers show up to referral sources to just say hi or drop off brochures, but you do want to do that every time. In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Meghan Smith discusses 5 Reasons To Visit a Referral Source.     Hey, everybody, I’m Meghan Smith…

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How to Maintain Momentum with Your Referral Sources

  Hey guys, I’m Meghan Smith and today I wanna talk to you about maintaining momentum in your account. So we’ve all had those accounts where we’ve got them to the point that they were sending us steady referrals, everything was going great, and then we start to see a point where maybe some of…

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Coaches Corner: How To Market During Slow Times Of The Summer

 In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Meghan Smith discusses strategies to help you generate referrals during slow times of the summer.    Video Transcript Hey everybody, I’m Meghan Smith. I’m one of the coaches here at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. It’s summertime and one of the things that have been brought up with several of…

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