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Strategic Coaching - 1-month packages

This service is perfect for you if:

  • You have an existing home care agency or are brand new in business 
  • You plan to implement a new direct referral marketing strategy
  • You’re looking for a strategic marketing plan to grow your census, revenue, and profits
  • You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors 
  • You’ve hit a slump in revenue & need a formulaic approach on how to grow
  • You need custom tips on how to complement your marketing strategy with your current marketing endeavors to develop your referral accounts and increase your conversions

Just $1,600

Includes 4 sessions with a coach, customized to your specific situation

  • Tools
  • Reports
  • Samples
  • Homework Assignments
  • Recordings of every session
  • 1-month access to Hurricane University

5 options available!

Marketing Under New Guidelines

How to Grow your Business, Increase your Referrals & Build Relationships with the New Guidelines

Don’t let this time pass…learn how to leverage yourself & your business with key referral source (such as Home Health Care Companies, Hospitals, SNF’s and Senior Living Communities) by establishing partnerships, generating more referrals out of your current key referral sources, increase your social media presence, and doing what your competition isn’t doing during the new guidelines

What to Expect from the 4 Weeks of Coaching Classes

Week 1: Communications & Power Partnerships

  • 5 Key Communications you NEED to be doing weekly
  • How to “Ask for The Business” with the new distancing guidelines
  • How to build partnerships with Key Referral Sources with the new guidelines
  • What to include in your protocols for the safety of clients & caregivers

Week 2: Specialty Programs

  • How to Partner with Home Healthcare Companies with the new guidelines
  • How to Reduce Readmission Rates with the new guidelines
  • How to develop a Specialty Program designed to help seniors with the new guidelines
  • How to increase your referrals each week and obtain new referral sources with the new guidelines

Week 3: 3 Essential Things You NEED To Be Doing With Your Caregivers & Clients

  • How to market through your Caregivers & Clients
  • How to keep your Clients & Caregivers safe & healthy during lockdown
  • How to update your referral sources weekly during lockdown, and what essential things they NEED to be knowing

Week 4: Social Media

  • How to use Social Media to obtain referrals
  • What to post on Social Media
  • Learning the Social Media Algorithms so you can reach the right audience
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Inquiry Mangement

First impressions mean everything, especially in home care.  When potential clients take that first step to call your organization, they are often in a state of crisis and are trusting you and your team to provide the help and guidance that they need.  If that first impression is negative, it’s likely they’ll move on to the next option on their list. Top performing home care agencies who are leaders in the industry are experts at taking control of lead calls, providing expert advice, and converting at least 40% of those calls into new clients.  Now is the time to determine the effectiveness of your inquiry process. Due to COVID-19 most teams are working from home. Communication is more important than ever! Now is the time to take advantage of the Inquiry Management Special. 

What to Expect from the 4 Weeks of Coaching Classes

Prior to Training

  • Secret shopper call made to your office
  • Introductory call between coach and owner Secret shopper call results discussed conversion rates/conversion rate tracking

Week 1: Answering the Call 

  • Who should take the inquiry 
  • How to address the caller
  • The 5 different types of callers and what to do with them
  • The need for a Prospect Call Sheet
  • How to get an appointment scheduled w/o discussing price


  • The dos/don’ts on what to discuss over the phone
  • Conversation starter questions
  • Creating value over the phone
  • Gain important information (name, phone number, referral source, etc) in a conversational manner
  • Creating a picture (roleplay)

Week  3 - Creating Urgency While Maintaining Empathy 

  • Empathy creating statements through role play
  • Creating urgency statements (team to share examples)
  • Summarizing needs/information (role play)
  • Forming a plan/next steps (role play)
  • How to handle objections

Week 4- Implementation

  • Objection cycle continuation
  • Role play full inquiry calls
  • Give feedback to each other

Tools/activities will be given to owners at the completion of the team training to use for ongoing training and development of inquiry calls.  These can be used at ongoing staff meetings or as components of special staff development days. 

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Hospital Marketing – Breaking Down the Barriers

Hospitals have ALWAYS been the toughest account and even more so now!

Don’t miss out on your biggest referral potential or stumble through trying to navigate the most complicated account! Start preparing now to reap the benefits of strategic hospital marketing.

What to Expect from the 4 Weeks of Coaching Classes

Week 1: Know Your Target

  • Investigate! –
  • Who do they refer to
  • How to utilize social media to identify “ins”
  • Identifying the key contacts

Week 2: Create a Plan of Attack

  • How to identify their pain points
  • How to use your specialty program to be the solution
  • Ways to get involved
  • What can we do NOW during lockdown

Week 3: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

  • Utilize a Dual Discharge program
  • Get an introduction even during lockdown
  • Identify current contacts to get you through the door
  • Reduce stress of discharge planners during lockdown

Week 4: Execution- Dig Deeper 

  • Make sure you are ready for the business
  • Utilize Health Observance Days to get further into the hospital system
  • Work with Power Partners to provide safe discharges and reduced readmissions
  • How to follow up and build trust

Custom Coaching

This is a custom coaching block specific to your needs!

Some topics we can cover:

The Creation of Power Partners

Direct referral marketing when it comes to Power Partners

A Power Partner is an advocate for your business, someone who offers a product that compliments yours. They refer, endorse, support, market and close business for you.

Will answer:

·      Who should a Power Partner?

·      Where should you Power Partner Be?

·      When and why you should create them?

·      What to do with a Power Partner? 

How to Successfully Develop a Referral Source 

·       Where do you go for business? 

·       How often should you visit?

·       How can I get by the GateKeeper? 

·       Why won’t the Social Worker meet w/ me? 

We will walk you through the qualifying process teaching you everything you need to know about all types of referral sources. He will break down the 5 step process clearly, so you can easily implement these actions into your marketing efforts. 

 The Art of Closing 

Everything you need to give a sales presentation and in turn close more business. We give you template page by page for you to create your very own sales presentation binder

Campaigns That Differentiate 

Want to separate yourself from your competition? This program is the most important topic for creating marketing collaterals, for giving you reasons for lunch and learn in-services, and for allowing you to generate exclusive referrals from referrals sources.

We will walk you through why you should have specialty campaigns, what to include in each program, and the best way to implement each type. 

Managing Marketing Representatives 

Everything you need to know to find, hire, and manage marketing representatives.

•       HME - Administrative Role in Marketing Duties S.O.P

•       HME - Marketing Representative S.O.P

•       Marketing Rep Bonus Structure 

•       HME Marketing Rep Job Description

•       Monthly Marketing Activities Plan

•       Creating a Top 20 List

•       Top Account Tracker

•       Weekly Marketing Schedule Options

         •          Weekly Meeting Agenda

         •          Weekly Report Template



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Life Coaching

Running a business can be stressful. Personal Coaching can help.

With the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the unpredictability of personal routines and our business productivity, these times may be stressful.

Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping effectively with stress will allow you, the people you care about, and your business to become stronger.

During this global crisis, it is crucial to take care of your mental and physical state so that you remain strong for your family, business, and community. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations therefore we are offering a 4 hour Life Coaching block full of resources to support you so that you can better manage your stress and anxiety at this time.

HME has partnered with Leah Kosatsky, a seasoned Certified Personal & Professional Coach who has worked alongside our leadership team, our coaches and staff, as well as some of our clients for over two years. Through her soft approach, she will help you efficiently manage your stress and anxiety, changing routine, sleep disruption, grief, uncertainty, new eating patterns, as well as work through personal and professional issues with you through scheduled private calls.

Leah Kosatsky’s Certifications:

  • Personal & Professional Coaching, Master’s Certification, Concordia University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Social Psychology
  • Certificate in Inner Engineering, Isha Foundation, Mindfulness and Meditation
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