Fast Start: Online Training


You will learn...

  • How to locate and develop relationships with communities and contacts with the highest referral potential 
  • How to implement the "Formula for Success" which creates proper operating procedures for daily, weekly, and monthly activities guaranteed to increase referrals
  • How to find, create, and build referring relationships outside of your referral sources
  •  The secret tools designed specifically to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • The most effective strategies and techniques to combat gate-keepers and referral sources saying "we will never refer you." 
  • How to schedule and properly conduct an In-Service/Lunch & Learn that has been proven to work all over the country


37 Training Videos (Over 6hrs of content)

Downloadable Documents, Schedules and Resources

Homework assignments each week that directly correlate to your marketing effort

PLUS, a Final Exam to ensure you understand all of the facets of the course

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BONUS: LIVE Sessions with "The Hurricane"

6 LIVE training sessions with Steve "The Hurricane." One for each lesson of the course.

He will discuss the key strategies to help you implement the lessons and hold you accountable to completing the homework assignments each week. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business, your challenges, and your territory. 

$3,000 VALUE


BONUS: Exclusive Access to Online Membership Group

6 weeks of Home Care Revenue Builders

  • Exculsive Membership ONLY Videos
  • Special Boot Camp Presentation Recordings (Over 14 hours of footage)
  • Digital Downloads and Templates
  • Monthly Private Webinars (36 sessions and more every month)
  • Private Facebook Group (Includes Steve, the HME team and other business owners just like you from around the country)

(Unlimited access for as long as you are a client.)

$194 VALUE

That's not all...

BONUS: A Ticket To The Hurricane Boot Camp

What is The Hurricane Home Care Boot Camp?

The Hurricane Boot Camp is a three-day live conference intended to inspire and educate so that you—and your home care businesses—can scale faster.  

The Hurricane Boot Camp is not your typical conference. Steve "The Hurricane" and his team bring an energy level that is unmatched and guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.  

It is a unique event where we gather as a community and learn from one another. The Hurricane Boot Camp is for passionate and driven people like you. It’s a space for you to connect, network, build strong bonds, and recharge while you learn the latest marketing and business tips for the Home Care industry.

$999 VALUE

Let's review everything you get...

  • Fast Start Online Training Course ($3,000)
  • BONUS: 6 LIVE Sessions with Steve "The Hurricane" ($3,000)
  • BONUS: 6 Weeks of Home Care Revenue Builders ($97)
  • BONUS: Ticket To The Hurricane Boot Camp ($999)


(Payment Plans Available)

What's different about Hurricane University from other training out there?

A Message from Steve "The Hurricane"

I can remember in my home care business when I wanted to throw in the towel.  

I know what it’s like to get thrown out of a referral source. I know what it’s like to speak to people and they don’t take you seriously, or they don’t want to hear what you have to say. I know what it’s like to go marketing into accounts again, and again, and again, and again, and not get business. 

I know what it’s like for people to say, flat-out, “We don’t refer home care.” I know what it’s like for the state to come in, and you freak out when they’re doing their survey, and they’re combing through all the files, and they wanna find something to charge you a penalty for, to make money, and to drive you crazy.  

I know what it’s like when you go to start up a case and a caregiver doesn’t show up, and you have to go walk into this house now without a caregiver, and you promised the family that you would take care of them. 

I know what it’s like to get a phone call when the 11 o’clock to seven o’clock in the morning shift starts on a 24-7 case, and the relief person didn’t show up and you can’t get ahold of her, and there’s nothing to do, and it’s almost midnight.

I know what it’s like when the caregiver injures a client and the client ends up in the hospital, and you’re freaking out. Am I gonna be sued? Am I gonna lose everything? I know I have bonding and insurance, but what could happen? I know what that’s like first-hand. 

That is very difficult, and I know every one of you, you’re dealing with this every single day. Compliance, nurses, staffing, restaffing cases again and again, hiring caregivers over, and over, and over, and over again.  

Yeah, this is a tough business. Yes, this is a hard business to thrive in. No wonder so many businesses close down. No wonder so many people don’t make it. 

What is your biggest motivation for running your home care business?  

Who or what matters most to you?  

Your "Why" is the reason you started, the people you wanted to help, the fuel for your purpose. It’s your entrepreneurial vision.  

For those of you who are in need of a little help when it comes to marketing your business, this is why I am here!  

To help you with your business transformation.  

Let us help you, help more seniors!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are there payment plans? - Yes, we offer a variety of payment plan options to fit your needs and budget. 

Will this work in my territory?  

-Yes, no matter where you are everyones market is overly saturated and is in need of differenciating themselves from their competitors. This is where we come in.  

Who should enroll in Hurricane University?  

- We work Private Pay Home Care Agencies, Home Health, and Hospice organizations.  

How do I get started?  

- Schedule a call today!  

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