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Products and Services

Hurricane Marketing Enterprises offers a variety of products and services to help serve new business owners and companies that have been established for years. We recommend giving us a call, so we can determine the best fit for your situation.


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Tier 1

Live Events

At our Hurricane Boot Camps, we feature a variety of comprehensive training in all areas of marketing and operations of your business. Tickets are limited, so sign up now!

Revenue Builders

HCRB is an exclusive membership that includes access to videos, free downloads, monthly webinars, weekly marketing tips, and access to our interactive Facebook group.

Interview Services

Looking to hire a new marketing rep? We will help you narrow the field and interview your top 3 candidates to determine the most suitable representative for your business.

Rapid Results

Our Rapid Results program is guaranteed to jump start the growth of your business with our proven system. We give the tools and you achieve success. 

Marketing Essentials

Are you on the front line, everyday marketing your business? Marketing Essentials is a new package that has everything to get you in the door and begin increasing your referrals!

Tier 2

Online Training

From Beginner to Advanced. Our training includes homework, tests, and a coach to guide you every step of the way to insure maximum comprehension.

Field Training

A combination of structured education, and co-marketing experience in the field to put that knowledge into practice. We come to you for on-site training in YOUR territory. 

Tier 3

Private Coaching: The Ultimate Referral Package

Hurricane Marketing Enterprises' Coaching Program is a one of a kind program designed to help you market your Home Care business efficiently and effectively. One of our highly trained coaches will work with you and your team, every single week, to turn your company into a referral generating machine!

Your coach will work with you to teach you all the steps in our unique marketing process and hold your team members accountable. Your coach will monitor progress, answer questions, be a sounding board for ideas, and help you overcome challenges.

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