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Arm Yourself for The War for Referrals

Hi Folks, When it comes to gaining referrals there is always going to be competition. It is up to you as a business owner to seek ways to boost revenue and diversify yourself to win the never-ending war of gaining referrals. You wouldn’t go to war with out any gear, would you? No, of course…

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Triple Your Profits!

Want to find out how you can EXPLODE your business in 2017? Want to discover the strategies that will guarantee success? In this webinar Steve “The Hurricane” shares with you 3 simple, yet proven tactics to TRIPLE your profits for next year!

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The Secrets of Holiday Gift Giving

Hi folks, As you all know, the Holidays will be here before we know it! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday season, attending parties, decorating our homes, and finding the perfect gifts for our friends and family. This season brings a great opportunity for you as a business owner to maximize your…

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How to Use the Holidays in Your Marketing Efforts

Hi Folks, November is the National Home Care and Hospice month. This November is dedicated to hard working aides, nurses, therapists, and companions who dedicate their lives to serving the community… a well-deserved and earned recognition. As service providers, this is a great month to show your appreciation to these individuals as well as get…

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2 Ways to Handle A Difficult Social Worker

Hi folks, Ever walk into a facility and have a difficult time getting a referral from a Social Worker? I know I have. Social workers are a great way to gain business. However, more than often, we run into a Social Worker who will not give us the time of day. On this week’s episode…

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How to Motivate Your Staff

Happy workers are productive workers. But how do you motivate your employees to work hard to further grow your business? The key is to realize that different things motivate different people. Often, managers forget that what motivates them, isn’t necessarily the same for all their employees. Once you have established what motivates who, you will…

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How Long Should You Give A New Marketing Rep?

Hi folks, thanks for tuning in on this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane.” Day after day, we have Home Care business owners from all over the country turn to Hurricane Marketing Enterprises to get advice on their Marketing Reps. A Marketing Representatives main responsibility is to plan and execute marketing campaigns and…

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