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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Boot Camp?

How do I manage a good marketing rep?

A Marketing Reps role is crucial to gain referrals.  It is important for one to develop their contact within the industry. People refer those who they know, like and trust.  As a marketer plan to visit 15-20 accounts during the week. This will allow you to schedule a Face to Face visit with one person every hour you market. To find out more click below.

What can I do to network successfully?

Networking plays a fundamental role in business today. It is necessary for an individual to know how to network effectively, to not only expand their business, but to create a name for themselves as well. The purpose of a networking event is to meet new contacts and to maintain existing relationships. Click below to learn more...

 How do I get customers inside my sales funnel?

Getting people inside your sales funnel is easy when you accomplish the know, like, and trust factor. By providing free content as well as posting regularly you are creating a relationship with the public. The more the public see your company’s name the better it is for business. Here are some ways to get your company’s name out there: Social media, Direct marketing, and Distributing your company’s newsletter. Click here to learn more...

How can I increase my profitability?

Ever wonder about the right time to increase your rates? The time is NOW! As the regulation changes are constantly shifting, it is essential that your rates are keeping up. Planning ahead and doing research are important steps in order to set your rates, while making them profitable and fair for your customers. Click here to learn more...

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